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Joi, 27.7.2017
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Epic Dark
2015-09-01, 4:28 PM

                                                                   Vezi live demo

1. Upload folders bbcodes,css,images,js,forumicons,usericons, to the root directory of your website

2. Go to Control panel->Common settings-> tag value (in the bottom of the page)-> insert DOCTYPE:
Attention!!! You need to set the value of the tag for the correct display of the skeleton. (Control panel->Common settings):

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

3. Go to Control panel → Design management->Global block->create blocks - BOTTBAR, NAVY, The first, The lower. Insert the necessary templates in them. (e.g. insert the code from the template "BOTTBAR" in the global block "BOTTBAR")

4. Go to Control panel->Design ->Template builder->and set up the "Website template”. Open it in the Pad, copy the code, paste into the builder, press "Create templates”.

5. Set up other templates – Site News (completely), Forum(completely), Comments(completely),Web Poll(completely), Tag Board.

6. Go to Control panel->Site news->Module settings->activate Custom field 1 and rename with Image link:
Custom field 1-> Image link

Feel happy about the set up template.
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